If You Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

Whether it is at the rumor stage or you have actually been arrested, domestic violence carries a huge stigma. Accusations alone can affect your divorce or child custody matter and alienate important people in your life. You are likely to have a restraining order right away, making life complicated and burdensome even before you have a chance to defend your innocence. If you are convicted, you face likely jail time or probation, fines and a lasting criminal record.

Get Your Defense Underway

With a clear understanding of the high stakes your domestic violence charges will bring, we are prepared to defend you vigorously. From offices in Bartlett, we serve the Memphis area and beyond. The sooner attorney Theresa Childress is on your side, the more options she can pursue on your behalf. Helping you regain access to your house and children and watching out for any consequences in a family law matter will be critical. Keeping you out of jail and ensuring that your constitutional rights are honored will also be a strong focus in your defense if this firm defends you.

Resolve Immediate Concerns And Protect Your Long-Term Prospects

The goal of preventing or lessening lasting effects of a criminal record is the most important concern to keep in mind. A misdemeanor or felony on your record can harm your career prospects and other areas of life for years to come. With the priority of protecting your good name clearly in mind, defense lawyer Theresa Childress is ready to go to work preparing compelling arguments in your defense.

Contact A Tennessee Defense Attorney

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