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It is obviously of utmost importance to maintain continued, ongoing and healthy relationships with children following divorce. As such, custody and visitation issues present serious challenges and emotional difficulties. If you are working through any custody or divorce issue, we will bring our dedication and comprehensive knowledge to protect your parental rights and safeguard the best interests of your children.

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We at The Childress Firm, PLLC, are dedicated to you and your children; we will do everything we can to help you reach an ideal outcome in any custody issue.

It is important to realize that Tennessee requires a permanent parenting plan in every divorce case involving children. Parents can either agree in settlement or be bound by court order. The plan covers:

  • Primary residential parenting status
  • Parenting time (visitation schedule)
  • Medical costs of the child or children
  • Insurance coverage for the child or children
  • Decision-making authority
  • Child support
  • Income tax exemptions

It is important to realize that legal custody (decision-making authority) and physical custody are two separate issues to be determined. In the case of the latter, it generally falls into one of four different categories:

  • Sole custody - A child(ren) lives with one parent, and unsupervised parenting time with the other parent is discouraged
  • Primary custody - A child(ren) lives primarily with one parent and the co-parent has standard visitation rights
  • Joint custody - Child divides time between both parents (the most common)
  • Split custody - where each parent assumes custody of a different child

Tennessee law stresses the best interests of children in these cases, but this can be interpreted in multiple ways. Because of this, it is important to partner with an experienced lawyer who will aggressively advocate on your behalf. We are here for you.

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