Post-Divorce Matters: Contempt, Enforcement, Modifications

Life does not stop after you receive a "final" divorce decree. Some life changes and situations trigger opportunities to revisit the terms of a divorce, child custody or child support order. Proposed modifications and/or enforcement of court orders are strong reasons to talk to a lawyer again after your divorce is final. The Childress Firm, PLLC, in Bartlett, Tennessee, advises clients throughout the Memphis area in need of legal counsel regarding post-divorce matters, including:

  • When you think there is justification for paying or receiving more or less in spousal support or child support. Maybe your former spouse, whom you have been paying support to since your divorce, is in a domestic partnership that resembles a marriage, and you want a judge's permission to stop paying spousal support.
  • When you or your child's other parent wants to move away from the area. The parent with primary custody will need a judge's approval to move away with the child. If there is no such judge's approval, the child may go to live with the other parent. Talk to an attorney before your family experiences disruptions that can be harmful to the child.
  • When you are going to be away for an extended time for military service. You may want the court to approve letting grandparents or an aunt and uncle take over your visitation privileges while you are gone.
  • When the other parent is in contempt of court by not paying child support or not returning your child to you after visitation time. Attorney Theresa Childress is prepared to protect your parental rights as well as your child custody rights.
  • When your spouse has not obeyed the terms of a divorce. This might include a mandate to pay off loans or to sell the marital home and split the proceeds.
  • When you discover that your spouse hid assets during a divorce. The Childress Firm, PLLC, can help you determine whether and how to bring your spouse back before a judge and get relief.

Discover the legal remedies available to you in these or other post-divorce circumstances. Consult with lawyer Theresa Childress regarding any family law matter in Shelby County or nearby. Call 901-318-3719 or send an email message through this website to schedule a consultation.