Do You Need Modifications To Court Orders Covering Your Family Law Matters?

There is no such thing as a final child custody or child support order as long as both parents are still living. If you have a divorce or custody court order that needs to be modified or you want to protest a proposed modification by your child's other parent, talk to an experienced family law attorney. The Childress Firm, PLLC, in Bartlett serves clients from throughout Shelby County, the Memphis metro area and other Tennessee communities.


Reasons for modifications may include any of these situations:

  • You pay child support and you have had a decrease in income. You believe child support should be lowered.
  • You receive child support and the other parent has had a substantial increase in income and/or you have had a substantial decrease in income. You want to ask a judge to increase the amount of support the other parent pays.
  • You need to move away because of a job, education or extended family matters. If you are the primary custodial parent, you want to keep that role. If you are the parent who uses visitation time to see your child, you want to ensure that your parenting time will be just as ample when the other parent moves away or you want to ask a judge to let you take over as the parent with primary custody.
  • Your child's other parent has developed a pattern of not returning your child to you on time or not visiting your child at all. You want a new decree reflecting consequences of these actions.


An individualized evaluation of your situation is a critical first step. Then you need a lawyer who is willing to fight for you, even if it means taking your case to trial. Theresa Childress is that kind of attorney.


The sooner you begin exploring your options, the more opportunities you may have for a timely, satisfactory resolution. For more information or for help pursuing or protesting a modification to a court order after your Tennessee divorce, call 901-318-3719 or send an email inquiry through this website.