Maximize Compensation After A Truck Accident

Truck accidents differ from car accidents in several key ways:

  • A truck weighs much more than a smaller motor vehicle, such as a passenger car. For this reason, damage to a car that collides with a truck is often severe. Injuries are usually serious and even catastrophic or fatal.
  • Trucks must comply with state and federal regulations. Determining liability often means doing a detailed investigation to discover which regulations were disregarded.
  • Insurance issues can be complex, with potentially different insurers covering the driver, the truck cabin, the load end of the truck and whoever filled the truck with its contents. There are often enough funds available to compensate injured people, but getting to the financial resources may mean going through layers of insurers, each trying to pass responsibility to the others.

The most important thing to do after an 18-wheeler accident or any truck accident is to get legal representation as soon as possible. Personal injury lawyer Theresa Childress advocates for the injured on a contingency basis, and initial consultations are free. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries because of a truck or car crash, contact The Childress Firm, PLLC, at your earliest opportunity. From offices in Bartlett, our law firm represents people throughout Shelby County, the Memphis area and elsewhere in Tennessee.

What To Expect As Your Attorney Works On Your Truck Crash Case

Determining the cause of the accident is important and requires a detailed investigation. The sooner The Childress Firm, PLLC, is on your side, the more likely it is that we can discover and preserve the most critical evidence. Photos of the crash scene, contact information from eyewitnesses, the police report, medical records, the truck driver's daily log records and other key evidence may prove pivotal in your case. Waiting too long to investigate often means necessary evidence becomes unavailable.

After a serious accident, your job as the injured person is to get well. If you are a family member of someone who was killed in a truck accident, you naturally have many family matters to attend to. Lawyer Theresa Childress can get your case underway while you heal or grieve. Ms. Childress has years of experience working sensitively with injured people and their families.

We Can Help You Move Toward Recovery After a Truck Accident, Starting Now

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