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Health and gray divorce

No matter how old they are, Tennessee residents who get a divorce may find that their health suffers as a result. However, for people who are at least 50 years old, a divorce can have a significant impact on them physically and psychologically, especially if they are already dealing with medical issues.

According to a 2012 study that was conducted by Bowling Green State University researchers, the steep increase in the divorce rates for older adults is an occurrence referred to as gray divorce. The majority of divorces that occur among the older adults take place among those whose ages range from 50 to 64 years old.

How joint child custody can be beneficial for parents

Some parents in Tennessee who are getting a divorce might want to try to get sole custody. However, there are advantages to joint custody. Not all of them are reasons to seek joint custody on their own, but they may help parents reframe the situation if they are not happy with a court's joint custody decision.

Joint custody can mean sharing the burden of discipline, and doing this as a team might be less difficult than doing so as a single parent. It may also mean sharing the kind of incidental expenses that are not included in a child support agreement but that come up regularly during everyday life.

How divorce can affect the back-to-school season

Parents of school-age children in Tennessee may always have concerns about the beginning of a new school year. Back-to-school season can include both worry and excitement about the changes to come, like new classes, new clothes and even new friends. These concerns can be exacerbated for parents who have recently divorced. They may wonder how they can best support their kids' academic and social goals at a time of multiple transitions and significant changes. Kids will be going back to school with two home bases for perhaps the first time, and this can add another element of uncertainty as well.

However, the new academic year is also a great opportunity for divorced parents to support their children. One step that parents can take is to sit down together with the kids to think about the year to come. While parents decided to divorce, they are frequently equally committed to involvement in their children's lives. Despite their personal feelings about one another, they can put their differences aside to make a family plan for the children in school. Parents and kids can agree together on some key goals that both parents can support the children with during parenting time.

Getting ready for a child custody hearing

When a Tennessee parent files for child custody, they may very much want to protect their relationship with their kids. At the same time, they may be confused and even intimidated about what to expect from the system or from a custody hearing before a judge. By preparing in advance for a hearing, parents can put themselves in the best possible position to make their case for custody. It's particularly important that parents think about how to present themselves in family court, from taking care of their appearance to readying witnesses and arguments to present to the court.

Conservative, business-style dress is always a well-advised choice when heading into a child custody hearing. While clothes may say little about a person's parenting ability, they can communicate the message that the parent takes the court hearing seriously and is treating it with respect. By working with a family law attorney, a parent can prepare arguments to present to the court about their fitness to raise their children. This can include the emotional tie to the children as well as an ability to provide financially for them. It can be important to show that the children will have a place to sleep and suitable childcare arrangements.

Considerations for a temporary parenting plan

When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you will probably want to move into separate homes immediately. When children are involved, your divorce process will involve the creation of a permanent child custody agreement and parenting plan that dictates whom the children will live with, how visitations will take place and more.

However, you will not finalize your child custody arrangements immediately, so during the divorce process, you'll need to establish a temporary parenting plan. This plan is meant to serve as a guideline for the parents while they wait to complete the finalization of their divorce.

Friends' divorces can inspire others to rethink relationships

When Tennessee couples decide to divorce, friends in the surrounding social circle may find themselves following in the same footsteps. People have long noticed this trend through anecdotal stories. However, the connection between one divorce and others in a social circle is backed up by strong statistics, according to a study conducted by researchers at Brown University, Harvard University and the University of California at San Diego.

A spouse with a friend who divorces is 75 percent more likely to divorce themselves. Even someone with a friend of a friend who chooses to divorce is 33 percent more likely to end their marriage. There is a wide range of reasons why this could be true. In some cases, people with already unhappy marriages may find that their friends' actions to resolve their own problems inspire them to move away from feeling stuck or complacent in their situations. A friend's divorce may prompt thoughts about a person's own life and their goals for the future.

Asset analysis and division in divorce

Divorce in Tennessee is often a stressful process. Both emotionally and financially, divorce can be costly, but people who are approaching or going through divorce can take steps to prepare and make it less taxing. Those who take the time to focus on their financial situation in a realistic way gain a sense of control and will not be taken by surprise later on.

Among the first steps to take is to assess marital assets. Financial assets might include bank accounts, stocks, bonds, money-market accounts, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, savings bonds and cash on hand. In cases where one spouse is not working or earns less than the other spouse, a division of assets may be important to cover immediate expenses.

Dividing assets in a 'gray divorce'

Divorce is often considered something that affects young couples. However, statistics show that the rate of "gray divorces" has been increasing over the past several decades. These separations involve spouses over the age of 50. While divorce is tricky at any age, older couples in Tennessee have a number of unique things they'll need to consider when they separate.

When a couple chooses to divorce, they will need to make a number of decisions in a short period of time. While younger spouses may worry about children and how alimony will be distributed, seniors have more at stake in regard to dividing property. It's important to note that older couples have had more time to accumulate assets.

Student loan debt burden could lead to divorce

According to a new survey, the financial effects of student loan debt could play a major role in the health of a Tennessee marriage. Because student loans are such a significant source of debt for many people, they can also be a major cause of financial stress. Issues around money and finances are some of the most common factors that can lead to a troubled relationship or a divorce, and the same is true of significant student loan debt.

Statistics show that the average student loan borrower owes $34,144, and that number is on the rise. For graduates of the college class of 2017, the average educational debt burden was $39,400. It can be difficult for people with large student loans to get on the move financially, even if they have a relatively well-paying job. For example, many people delay purchasing a house because they have difficulties obtaining a mortgage while still carrying a substantial educational debt bill. For others, the stress of owing money and needing to alter their lifestyles in order to prioritize student debt repayment can add extra stress to interpersonal relationships.

Moving from divorce to successful co-parenting

When Tennessee parents make the decision to divorce, it often comes after a lengthy period of worries about the best interests of their children. However, kids don't need their parents to be in a romantic relationship to feel loved and supported. What they do need is a strong co-parenting relationship that creates a safe, positive environment for their development. By keeping some guidelines in mind, parents can work together despite their differences to share child custody and visitation time.

Parents may have a lot of frustrations after the divorce, but the children are never the right audience for those concerns. In cases where there is no abuse or neglect, children love both of their parents and want them in their lives. Therefore, each parent has a responsibility to nurture the child's relationship with the other parent and provide a supportive environment for children to talk about or express love for both of their parents. In addition, honesty is key, but children don't need to know intimate details about the divorce. These are best shared with adult friends, family or professionals.

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