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What research says about shared parenting after divorce

Parents in Tennessee who are getting a divorce might be interested in what research says is the most beneficial arrangement for children after the end of a marriage. There are a number of myths about child custody arrangements that may sound reasonable but are not supported by research.

Types of custody arrangements available after divorce

For parents in Tennessee who are getting a divorce, child custody may take many different forms. There may be either sole, joint legal or physical custody. Legal custody grants a parent decision-making rights about major aspects of his or her child's life, such as health care. Physical custody refers to where the child resides.

Carry on tradition with these bilingual picture books

You probably remember grabbing a book and curling up on your mother's lap. She'd read picture books to you. Your favorite part was when she spoke in funny voices for different characters. Now you have a little niño of your own and want to carry on this tradition.

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