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When there is no support in child support

There is often no easy way to look at divorce, or the arrangements that subsequently ensue. For many Tennessee families, child support and payments are hardly a simple task, and can become life's biggest challenge. Although many parents struggle to make timely and sufficient payments to their ex-spouses, child support is a vital part of a growing child's life. 

Back child support and passports

There are many different reasons why people cannot leave the country and go on a business trip or leisurely vacation that they had planned, such as the loss of a loved one or unexpected financial problems. However, others are not able to apply for a passport or have their passport revoked because they have fallen behind on child support. If you are struggling with your child support payments and are interested in traveling or plan on applying for a passport, you should take this into consideration and review your options with regard to getting caught up, from establishing a payment plan to modifying your child support order.

Are extra-curricular activities covered by child support?

As long as there are divorces in Tennessee, there will be ex-spouses who believe child support payment amounts are set unfairly. This idea may be due to the perception that the ex who has primary custody is benefiting from the payments as well. However, the court’s intent is not to side with one side or the other; its intent is to ensure that support payments not only meet a child’s basic needs of food, clothing and shelter but myriad other things as well.

Grappling with paternity testing and child support

A separation can mark both the ending of one chapter and the beginning of the next. When the separation involves children, this chapter could take significant time and consideration before moving forward. Most Tennessee parents have the focal concern of providing for their children and making arrangements in the child's best interest; unfortunately, not all separations end with straightforward child support plans. If there is any amount of uncertainty in regards to who stands as a child's biological father, placing matters into the hands of professionals may be the answer.

How can I establish paternity?

There are many different types of families today, and there are many reasons for establishing paternity for your child in Tennessee. Changes in relationships, arrest or death of a parent or other circumstances may mean that you need to legally identify the father.

How are child support payments determined in Tennessee?

The tensions that may still exist between you and your ex-spouse following your divorce in Bartlett might make it easy to suspect that he or she will try to somehow punish you by asking for an inordinate amount of child support. Fortunately, it is the state that determines your child support obligation. Tennessee follows the "income shares" model when it comes to the payment of child support, which means that payments are calculated based off two factors: yours and your ex-spouse's net incomes and the number of children you have. 

Four Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

Establishing a child support order is an important part of a divorce involving children, especially if one of the parents is a primary caregiver and doesn't work outside the home. Although the calculation is based on Tennessee legal guidelines, diving deep into the language outlining the requirements can leave anyone without a law degree with headache. It's no wonder many people come to their attorneys with several questions about child support.

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